Tools For Scope Mounting

with Taryn Parker

Mounting a scope is easier than it looks, and we promise we’re not just saying that. All you need is a scope, a few tools, and you will be good to go. If you have the right tools, then you’re already halfway there. Before you know it, you’ll have a scope mounted in no time.

1. Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are the most important and probably most-used tools for mounting scopes. Having a professional gunsmithing screwdriver set is extremely helpful when working with various sizes of screw bits and torque bits. Gunsmithing screwdriver sets have hollow-ground bits that are gently curved as it reaches the tip instead of being straight to protect the fit and finish of the screw. The hollow-ground also gives equal force along the sides of the screw, so there is no damage left on your screws.

2. Gun Vise

A gun vise is essential for any kind of firearm maintenance. Along with a gunsmithing screwdriver set, they are probably the best tool you can own for working on your guns. Gun vises adjust and support your firearm in the perfect position. Vises can accommodate an array of firearms for maintenance, gunsmithing or even cleaning. It makes it quick and easy to mount scopes on your bolt-action, lever-action or semi-automatic rifles.

3. Reticle Leveling System

Never let a poorly aligned scope ruin your shot. A reticle leveling system is a precision tool and technique designed to perfectly level the scope onto any firearm with ease. It’s important to have a perfectly level scope, so you can reach precision accuracy. A scope’s reticle must be precisely aligned with the weapon. If the crosshairs are slightly off to the left or right, then both elevation and windage bullet impact error will occur. To ensure accuracy every time, another tool to have on hand is a scope ring alignment bar. These bars will provide you with perfect alignment of both rings while diagnosing any misalignment problems, so you can fix the problem before damaging the scope.

4. Laser Bore Sighter

One last tool you’ll need for mounting a scope is a bore sighter. They come in multiple forms, but using a laser designed one is the best tool for the job. With a laser bore sighter, sighting in your firearm has never been easier. It will assist you as you are sighting in your firearm for maximizing precision, so you can have the best bore/optic alignment possible.